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Discover someone Great and earn your Rewards.
  1. All new hire candidates must receive a referral from a current UCLA Health employee on this website. Referral must be submitted prior to application. Employees hired within the past year do not qualify to submit referrals for this program.
  2. Only career positions within the Hospital System qualify for this referral program (i.e. job openings within the David Geffen School of Medicine, Semel NPI, Venice Family Clinic, and Faculty Practice Group do not qualify for referral bonus). Per diem openings do not qualify. Exceptions to these requirements will be made only when job posting specifically states otherwise.
  3. A $1,000 bonus will be paid to the referring employee when the new hire has successfully completed 6 months of employment. Both the referring employee and the new hire must be current UCLA Health employees at the time of payout in order to collect the cash award.
  4. Payment will be issued on eligible employee's regular paycheck. Cash awards will be taxed at the applicable rate.
  5. Referrals must be submitted with the new hire applicant's consent using the referral form on this website. Referral information must be submitted to Human Resources Recruitment prior to date that applicant submits his/her job application. In addition, the name of the referring employee must be listed on the candidates' application.
  6. All employees of UCLA Health with 1+ years of employment are eligible for participation, with the exception of the Human Resources/Recruitment Departments, those directly responsible for the referred applicant's hiring decision, and employees in SMG (Senior Management Group) and/or MSP (Management and Senior Professional) title groups.
  7. Addendum to Employee Referral Bonus
    Effective September 14th, 2015 and ending November 8th, 2015 the following job positions will be eligible for a $2000 bonus payment and are designated as the following positions:
    • Career Clinical Nurse IIs
      • Ronald Reagan Medical Center
      • Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA
      • UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica
    In addition, all referring employees will receive two movie tickets plus raffle prize eligibility, 9/14/2015 through 11/8/2015. The referring employee will receive an additional ticket for raffle prize eligibility for every additional, qualified referral.